Promotional Products

Promotional Products

Promotional products are an essential component of your Corporate DNA and when used properly can be highly effective tools that create a call to action. Your promotional products say many things about your company including who you are and just as important, how much you care. If you have ever referred to your promotional products as “trinkets and trash”, then you can be 100% certain that your clients and prospects will think the same. In order for your promotional products to be effective, it is vital to clearly define not only your intended recipient but also its intended purpose.

Promology101 has the promotional product solution for your every need. From concept to delivery, our award winning sales and service team will identify your needs, propose creative ideas, track your order progress and ensure on time delivery. Our service does not stop at the sale; we will also monitor and evaluate the success of your promotional product purchase. Promotional products should not be considered an expense; they are an investment in your company and should be treated that way. At promology101, we take a consultative and needs based approach to ensure that you receive a return on your promotional marketing investment.

As a Promotional Products Distributor offering over 500,000 items, we represent the highest level of quality products and services from the highest rated manufacturers in the industry. Our suppliers must past our Annual Supplier Evaluation so that we can ensure to you the highest in dependabilty and on-time delivery. 

Global Sourcing Your promotional Product

It’s a fact that no matter how many products exist, there will always be a need for something that is not currently offered. You may need a product in the exact shape of your logo, a customized bubblehead doll in the image and likeness of your CEO, or a common item but in your exact PMS color and decorated to your specifications. Inevitably there may come a time when your project will need a product custom sourced overseas.

Global Sourced promotional items have many benefits.

1. Lower Costs

On average, depending on the project, you can expect savings of 30% - 40%. By going overseas and working directly with the manufacturer, we are able to narrow the supply chain distribution process, thus lowering the costs.The manufacturers can also offer their expertise on how to further cut costs during production. Many times, they can suggest a slight change to the design or a change in materials that can save you money and time.

2. Your Imagination Is The Only Limit.

The amount of customization is unlimited. From materials, colors, design, functionality & any other variable you can think of. The final product will be designed and made to your exact specifications. According to “The Counselor”, a promotional products industry magazine, “With today’s technology, practically anything can be created from scratch.” If you have a totally unique idea that you want to make a reality, then you can, in all probability, have it made.

3. The Highest Quality.

Because the items are made according strictly to your specifications, you can be sure that you are getting exactly the quality you demand. Our overseas manufacturing partners are chosen very carefully and are monitored closely and continuously.

4. Shorter Lead Times Than Industry Standard 

It is estimated that between the design, the sample production, the actual production, and the delivery, the process can take up to 180 days to complete. Our delivery times however, average 90-120 days. At times,  alternate delivery options, different processes, or even different materials can drastically reduce delivery times, sometimes shaving precious weeks off the project.

If you are interested in learning more about custom promotional products, contact promology101, our professional staff will help you identify whether or not custom sourced promotional products are right for you. Give us a call today at (888) 658-2418, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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